CORE i9 Processor – All Details

Intel announced several Core 9th generation processors at CES 2019, but one was left out: documents obtained by AnandTech reveal that the company is about to launch the Core i9-9990XE, which will be the company’s most powerful option for desktops. Only one detail: this chip will have no official price.

The i9-9990XE was announced with 14 cores, other than the 18 being expected, and 28 thread, based on a die “Hylake-X” (HCC).

It uses STIM between the die and the integrated heatspreader (IHS), and features nominal clock speeds of 4.00 GHz, and a Turbo Boost frequency of 5.10 GHz, higher than the Core i9-9900K.

In addition it is equipped with 19.25MB of shared L3 cache and 1MB of L2 cache per core and the rated TDP of the chip is up to 255 Watts.

The Core i9-9900K is part of Intel’s ninth-generation Core i processors, but uses the same “Coffee Lake” architecture as eighth-generation processors.

In addition to indicating the dominance of Intel’s new octa-core in games, the tests also show the high working capacity of i9 for professional use in content creation.

The main difference is the greater amount of cache memory in some models (the Core i9-9900K has 16 MiB of L3 cache, while the top-of-the-line models of the eighth generation had 12 MiB), in addition to the greater number of cores.

In terms of speed, the i9 has a base clock of 3.6 GHz and can reach 5.0 GHz, with the turbo switched on. RAM can reach up to 32 GB, and SSD storage has m.2 technology, which allows for extremely high transfer speeds with up to 1TB of space.

In addition, it has a TDP of 95 watts, which draws attention by being significantly below the 105 watts of the Ryzen 7 2700X from AMD, one of its main opponents.

Corrections against Specter and Meltdown

Another relevant innovation, which focuses not only on i9, but also on the ninth generation of Intel processors, is the patches against Specter and Meltdown failures.

The new security measures aim to prevent attacks from circumventing system protections to intercept data from memory, in use by the computer.

The most striking detail is the price issue. The Core i9-9980XE was released with a suggested value of $ 1,979, so you can imagine something close to that for the Core i9-9990XE.

But just imagine: most likely, Intel will market it in an online auction system, which means that the price will not be fixed, although certainly will have a minimum bid.

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