Dell to launch XPS notebook with 17-inch screens

According to a schedule of Dell launches for notebooks leaked by Tweakers, the company should launch a device with two screens for its renowned XPS family.

As the device indicated is an XPS 17, codenamed “Maximus”, we can assume that at least one or even the two screens of this new notebook would have 17 inches.

The schedule does not list the specifications of this dual-screen computer, but it is possible that Maximus has similar hardware to the XPS 17 7700 – also leaked on schedule – with Intel Comet Lake-H chips and GeForce GTX 1660 Ti Max-Q GPUs of NVIDIA.

While Maximus would hit the market only in October 2020, the XPS 17 7700 would already be in stores by June 2020.

As this is just a schedule leak, we have no price forecast for these new Dell 17-inch screen computers.

However, it would not be surprising if Maximus were very expensive considering that the product should also be expensive to develop and manufacture because of the two screens.

There are even smaller computers, like the XPS 15 7500 (codenamed: Fiorano) that would have 15 ” screen with GTX 1650 and eight-core processor.

Most interesting in the compact branch, however, would be XPS 13 2-em-1 7390 (codenamed Centennial). This model would hit the international market in August of this year with new 10-nm Ice Lake-U chips from Intel. A traditional version of this notebook would be released in 2020.


New Intel chips would be manufactured in 10-nm lithography and would be available on a large scale.

It is important to note that this schedule would have been made by Dell in February of this year and, with recent releases from Intel, some things are likely to change.

It is also good to consider all this information with a bit of skepticism, since a simple timeline like this could easily be forged.

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