Learn All about the Pentium Gold G5400 processor

Building a capable PC for less than $ 500 is a challenge, especially when memory prices rise. Fortunately, a competitive CPU market means that it is possible to get a lot of processing power without breaking the bank.

The Pentium Gold G5400 is one of the cheaper Intel processors, being part of the “Coffee Lake” family. It has two cores, four threads and a clock rate of 3.7 GHz. Let’s see how it is performing, both with integrated video and with a standalone video card installed.

AMD’s fast and affordable Ryzen models have forced Intel to upgrade its dual-core Pentium chips with Hyper-Threading technology and larger L3 caches. As a result, today’s Pentiums look a lot like yesterday’s Core i3s.

This makes them a big win for budget-oriented developers, especially when they are paired with Intel’s H370, H310 and B360 chipsets.

This processor uses the LGA1151 socket, being compatible with the same motherboards as the eighth and ninth generation Core i models, ie those with 300 series chipsets (H310, B360, H370, Z370 and the new Z390).

But obviously it makes no sense to use it on a high-end motherboard, so the most logical use of the Pentium Gold G5400 is with a motherboard with the H310 chipset, to keep the balance between low-cost parts .

Intel’s victory is not yet guaranteed. AMD has a fearsome competitor in its RB500-based Rybn 3 2200G, which sells for $ 100 and boasts four cores, in addition to the impressive integrated graphics engine Radeon Vega.

The reviewed processor has two-channel memory controller compatible with DDR4-2400 memories and 16 PCI Express 3.0 tracks. The maximum clock of the graphics engine is 1.05 GHz.

It has its clock multiplier locked, ie it is not possible to overclock the processor just by changing its clock multiplier, even on a motherboard that has this feature.

It also supports higher memory frequencies and perhaps the biggest advantage of all is the integrated GPU. While the G5400 packs the pathetic HD Graphics 610, the 2200G is armed with the much more impressive Vega 8 GPU.

However, this will not be the focus of today’s comparison, although I briefly show the graphical performance before closing things.

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