Samsung Leaves Foldable Galaxy X Accidentally Leaking

Following the recent leak of an official Samsung video of the upcoming foldable Galaxy X mobile phone, which was posted and quickly removed from the official YouTube channel of Samsung in Vietnam, we can now see better how the new foldable phone will stay when released.

It’s no secret that Samsung is working on a foldable phone possibly called Samsung Galaxy X. In fact, the company even displayed the folding screen, but this was in an unfinished form, and the rest of the phone was hidden.

The leaks provided an indication of the color schemes, network capabilities, and the enormous cost to anyone who wants to get hold of one.

One of the most anticipated technologies of 2019 should appear in at least one version of Galaxy X, with a report stating that the collapsible device will support 5G.

The patent for the folding phone from Intel was identified by the ever-reliable LetsGoDigital, which also ridiculed the conceptual images. While a foldable phone of any kind is cool at this stage, the Intel model can be particularly excellent thanks to a dual hinged system.

The shape and size of the device suggests that it is similar to a Note 9. There are three monitors, the foldable display that is revealed when the device is unfolded, and a front screen that turns the device into a traditional smartphone when folded.

Instead of simply folding out on a phone mode screen, this handset will fold twice allowing for a massive final display that gives a true tablet-style screen that can fold down into a pocket smartphone form.

Such a radical departure from the standard design of smartphones seems to come at a cost, as the Galaxy X is expected to be priced higher than a top-of-the-line iPhone.

Is this the real phone? Is this just fantasy?

So, could this be the folding Samsung handset? It is very possible. The teaser itself is almost certainly a genuine video from Samsung and the design of the phone looks a lot like the screen technology that Samsung has demonstrated previously.

In addition, Samsung is holding an event on February 20 to launch the Galaxy S10, so there is a good chance the foldable phone will appear there as well.

However, the video also shows many other devices that do not currently exist and that probably will not appear, such as a totally frameless tablet, windows with built-in screens and a large screen the size of a door-controlled air gestures.

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