Samsung unveils camera sensor with 64MP resolution

Apple is proud to make annual iOS updates available for as many handsets as possible, even models already released a few years ago.

However, sometimes you have to leave some behind to make room for the new generations. And, according to a rumor published by the French blog iPhoneSoft, the time has come for this to happen with three popular models: iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone SE.

The sensor still brings HDR support with better contrast level and closer to human eye capacity: it reaches 100 decibels (dB), which ensures better tint and less bad.

To give you an idea, conventional sensors reach 60dB, while the human eye reaches something around 120dB.

In the case of iPads, iPad Air 1 and iPad mini 2 also would not receive the update. The speculation comes from “discussions with unnamed sources,” who would be developers already with information regarding iOS 13.

“To take photos similar to the way the human eye perceives its surroundings in a mixed light environment, the GW1 supports high real-time dynamic range (HDR) of up to 100 decibels (dB) that provides richer shades.

In comparison, the dynamic range of a conventional image sensor is around 60dB, while that of the human eye is typically considered around 120dB, “the manufacturer adds in the same press release.
Risky business

Setting aside the iPhones 6 and 6 Plus is complicated by a matter of popularity: the models have fallen heavily in price over time and have a high usage base to this day. IPhone SE has not received due succession with reduced screen and the end of the updates makes a little more sense.

IOS 13 should receive a number of interface updates, updates to many native apps, and more – and perhaps the amount of features deployed can be the cause of more device crashes than expected.

It should be presented during WWDC 2019, the annual event for developers that starts on June 3, 2019. Apple does not comment on rumors and should not comment on this case.

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