See the applications that can take your Instagram Stories to the professional

If at first people shared the most routine with little filter, after two years of life the ephemeral stories are increasingly moving away from Snapchat’s copied kitten mask and want to tell something by sometimes replacing the feed’s publications.

Marketing experts say that they are a good tool to take into account, that they find their own language, and that the use of integrated options such as hashtags and location gives points in visibility.

1. Adobe Spark Post.

The ad is ambitious and will challenge the professionals for good reason. The use of the app is not up to the job of a designer, but it is a favorite among bloggers and youtubers who want to redirect their content using graphic proposals and fonts more interesting than the ones that Instagram brings automatically.

2. Unfold.

An application for minimalist obsession that promises to keep track of the most classic and clean look. With filters to images with plenty of cold tones and with the option of creating simple collages combining two or three images, polaroid and negative frames and using discrete fonts.

3. A design kit. Color, textures and letters. With palettes of pastel variations and earthy colors, it sets itself as a favorite to create Stories and inspiring posts with simple phrases and cute memes. It’s free, but some of the options offered are paid for and are only available to iOS users.

4. Moment

Record Stories videos like a pro. Adapt to the tool’s format and add configuration and editing options for photography and video that allow, among other things, control exposure, ISO, shutter speed, focus and white dots balance. Besides application, it is a brand for photographic accessories for mobile.

5. VaporGlitch

Using all the aesthetic elements of vaporwave, the application has backgrounds, stickers, GIFs and effects that hold aesthetic fans. Purple and pink tones in the nineties style, sculptures and graphic features of the Internet culture.


Following the same aesthetic trend, the option to record videos with an effect similar to that of VHS that has already been imitated by Instagram, but with more editing options. You can adjust light, contrast, color, and insert text. It also allows you to assemble a video in parts and, if you want to be used in addition to Stories, offers different sizes that fit every format of social networks.

7. 8mm Vintage Camera

Another nostalgic option that lets you record video in a retro format, imitating the effect of Super 8 cameras. Special mention for being used by director Malik Bendjelloul to film some parts of the Oscar-winning documentary, Looking For Sugar Man, about the singer’s life and composer Sixto Rodríguez.

 8. Prequel

Among others, it achieves the effect that already obsessed the fashion making billiards the clothes with KiraKira +. It also has psychedelic lenses, retro effects more elaborate than the Instagram Stories and took to the video the filter of the photographic application Huji, favorite of the centennials. Free, but only available from the Apple Store.

9. Storyluxe

Back to the negative effect, this application combines themes and frames inspired by analog photography and neon letter fonts, demonstrating that it dominates 100% Instagram language. Your profile includes a tutorial on how to make good use of Stories.

10. StoryArt

Simple frames, with geometric shapes and basic backgrounds with icons specially designed to personalize the covers of stories highlighted in the profile. It’s available for Android and iOS and it’s free.

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