Twitter seeks volunteers to test healthy conversations

User Chris Messina suggested the ability to unify conversations on the social network. More than a decade later, hashtags are one of the symbols of the digital age, and Twitter underscores the importance of user ratings before making changes to the platform.

That is why it wants some volunteers to experiment with new social networking functions aimed at stimulating “healthier conversations,” as the company explains to media specialist Engadget.

Twitter plans to launch a public beta in the coming weeks for thousands of users to participate. Anyone can ask to be part of this experience, but the social network will allow only a small percentage of users to test the new functions.

Twitter’s Director of Product Management said at CES, the largest consumer electronics fair in the world, that the goal is to gather as much information as possible about users’ acceptance of these new functions before releasing them for good.

One of the changes that Twitter wants to test is to show an indicator that tells you when someone is online. This feature is available on other social networks, such as Facebook Messenger and Instagram, which allow you to see which users are active or the last time they connected. With this tool, the company wants to promote more direct communication.

Another Twitter strategy to encourage Internet conversations is to include “breaking the ice” publications. These are predefined messages that would allow you to start a conversation quickly with other users.

In addition, the company has been studying for some time the possibility of changing the design of responses to posts and topics on Twitter. In August 2018, Haider asked the users, through a tweet, their opinion about possible new designs.

This tool can be especially useful when tweeters are in this type of event or traveling in a particular country. That is, it can serve to provide context to followers and inform them about which topics will be tweaked in a given period of time.

All of these changes are part of Twitter’s initiative to help foster positive user interactions. “We’re making big changes in the look of Twitter conversations and we do not want to reveal them all a sudden, why, and what if they do not like it?” Haider told Engadget.

Twitter wants the user community to be part of the change: “We have a platform that the world uses to say what it thinks, why not use it as part of our development process?”


Starting in February 2019, most of the images sent to Twitter in PNG format will be converted into JPG.

Company employee Nolan O’Brien explained in a statement that “in the world of people who want to surf the web many can only have access to the Internet at speeds of 2G and another large part has slow or unreliable Internet.”

The publication of PNG images on Twitter, according to this official, makes users come across large file downloads.

While for some this is hardly an effort, “for most of the world there are many seconds of waiting.” Even so, O’Brien explained on Twitter that images with less than 900 pixels or that are uploaded in PNG8 format will not be converted into JPEG.

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