Ultrawide Monitor: Worth It Or Not?

Those who work using the computer know how to use two or more monitors at the same time. Dispensing the need to change windows several times creates a time saving that makes a difference and can greatly improve the productivity of some.

Ultrawide monitors are products that have a different proportion from traditional ones, and can offer an enhanced user experience over multiple screens.

Ultrawide Monitor: Why Do You Need One?

What are Ultrawide monitors?
Without a specific definition, we generally call Ultrawide those monitors that work in a ratio of 21: 9, and may have several different sizes (in inches).

Depending on the size of the monitor, consumers will find resolutions ranging from 2560×1080 to 3440×1440 pixels – representing a gigantic amount of horizontal space to work with.

ASUS Ultrawide Monitor.

The measure presented in these cases is usually limited to 16: 9 (or 16:10), with resolutions that can vary widely – 1024×576, 1152×648, 1280×720, 1600×900, 1920×1080, 2560×1440 and 3840×2160 are just a few.

On Ultrawide monitors, the ratio rises to 21: 9, increasing horizontal space with the promise of improving the productivity of those who require more than one screen to work with.

Difference from a traditional monitor to an Ultrawide.

Available models (and unavailable here)
Dell, LG, AOC and ASUS are the leading companies that have launched models with this feature. However, if we still have few options available in the market, in Brazil things tend to be even worse.

Over here, LG is the premier company that offers Ultrawide monitors. However, searching on shopping and auction sites, we even managed to find other models, but they are usually imported and at very salty prices.

Dell Ultrawide Monitor.

Advantages of Ultrawide Monitors
The first plus point to highlight on Ultrawide screens is the productivity gain. However, it must be made clear that this advantage must be carefully evaluated.

If your work does not require constant window replacement and consultation of other documents too often, an extra monitor (or an Ultrawide) may not be the ideal solution.

However, anyone who falls into the category mentioned above and still works with image / video editing can find on Ultrawide screens the ideal solution for all problems.

For gamers, the 21: 9 ratio can also greatly enhance the user experience. Unlike a two-monitor or three-monitor setup, where the graphics chip needs to power each of them with a decent refresh rate, Ultrawide tends to require less of the GPU.

However, not so powerful graphics chips should be able to render the images so they fit in properly.

It is worth mentioning that most Ultrawide monitors also allow the display of content from two different video sources, it being possible, for example, to show the PC Desktop on one side and the video game output on the other.

Disadvantages of Ultrawide monitors

The main negatives of Ultrawide devices are price and unavailability. Depending on the model, on auction sites the product can cost more than $ 1,500 – a very salty value for a monitor.

Another point to highlight is the size that an Ultrawide monitor can occupy on a desk. An assembly with two displays has the flexibility to move each screen freely and independently.

This is not the ideal feature for those who care about response time, something essential in competitive games, for example.

Another problem is compatibility with Ultrawide format content. The most frustrating situation for those who invest in these devices will be dealing with those black bars on the sides of the image to fill the space left over from the screen.


In short, what should I take into account?


  • They can improve productivity;
  • It does not have “borders” between the split of screens;
  • Dismiss the use of multiple connections on the computer;
  • They can offer an enhanced experience in some games;


  • They are still very expensive;
  • They take up a lot of space on the table;
  • They usually have a low refresh rate;
  • Some content does not support Ultrawide monitors;

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